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Switzerland Bets Big on Cryptocurrency: Giracoin Leads the Way.


Once considered a safe abode of investors from across the globe, the Swiss banking sector has lost its sheen over the last decade or so. With the banking sector in Switzerland accounting for 6% of the GDP of the country, government officials have renewed efforts to once again position the country at the helm of things in the global banking sector.
One such move, which has got the entire cryptocurrency fraternity worldwide jumping for joy, is the country’s Federal Councillor, Johann Schneider-Ammann stating that the government plans to transform Switzerland into a cryto-nation in the near future. For a country that has always emphasised on maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy and paramount security, there couldn’t be a better way to gain back lost glory than by adopting cryptocurrency—the undisputed champion when it comes to security and user privacy.
At the forefront of this race in Switzerland is the country’s homegrown cryptocurrency—Giracoin. Gira Financial Group AG, the developer of Giracoin, being a member of SRO PolyReg, Zürich, holds a position of strength in the Swiss cryptocurrency domain. The company, founded in 2016, has steadily sailed towards success, with Giracoin gaining rapid traction, not only among investors in the country, but from across the globe. Given its innovative mining process that puts it within the grasp of people across the globe, Giracoin is well and truly on its way towards placing the country back on high growth trajectory in the booming cryptocurrency sector.


Source: Facebook, GIRACOIN @giracoinofficial, 21.02.2018, von CM

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