GFG quantum leap


Gira Financial Group AG makes technical quantum leap

The Swiss fintech company Gira Financial Group AG (GFG) develops applications and business models based on blockchain technology. GFG is arming itself for the future by implementing GiraUno, a refinement of the Giracoin system currency, and the blockchain Giracoin 2.0.

GFG is upgrading its technology. In an environment of rapidly increasing digitisation and disruption in the service sector, users expect smart services from individual packages, products and services. The digital world demands binding agreements and intelligent processing of data. Processes should be transparent and traceable, while at the same time data protection has to meet high security requirements.


Giracoin 2.0

GFG’s proven and successful platform stands out for its special technical features, strong security and user friendliness. In order to proactively overcome the challenges of the future GFG is launching Giracoin 2.0, a blockchain that combines traditional and future processes from the digital world. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the basis for the currency; Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology allows applications to be developed decentrally and makes it easier to check the origin and authenticity of goods.


From Giracoin to GiraUno

The Giracoin is the basic currency for the Gira universe, which consists of an eco-system with payment platform and e-commerce solutions from GFG. It differs from other crypto-currencies by delegated mining, which allows even people who cannot or are unwilling to provide computing capacity for mining to acquire tokens. The mining for Giracoin 1.0 was run in a closed-source system to support the steady performance of the Giracoin. Now GFG is taking a further step into the future: Giracoin 1.0 is becoming GiraUno and is being launched as open-source.

Just like Bitcoin and Litecoin, GiraUno will have inflation protection added, and the ability to convert into other crypto-currencies. After launch the GiraUno system administrators will implement the Lightning protocol specifications in the main GiraUno network. This will ensure that GiraUno is able to maintain its successful market position as a means of payment in future.

Collenberg emphasises: “With these technological advances we are leaving the one-way street of a pure crypto-currency and looking to a future in which the interaction between man and machine and communication between machines will play an ever more important role.” Gira Financial Group, which
Gira Financial Group AG, Bahnhofstrasse 2, 6052 Hergiswil, Switzerland
already has over 80,000 registered clients and employs 50 people around the world, is seeing strong growth in transaction volumes.


About Gira Financial Group AG

Gira Financial Group AG (GFG), established in 2016, is a Swiss fintech company that develops innovative applications and business models based on blockchain technology. Its proprietary platform and blockchain enable a range of transaction, trading and currency exchange models as well as multiple wallets. Equally, projects are developed and implemented by third parties using GFG’s blockchain. The digital currency Giracoin is integrated into a broad network of members, trading partners and buyers. In its capacity as a financial intermediary, Gira Financial Group is a member of the Swiss self-regulatory organisation PolyReg.


Original/Quelle: Gira Financial Group AG Press Release, Hergiswil, 12 January 2018