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Gira Financial Group AG und der Giracoin

Gira Financial Group AG gives a lot of information …

Because Gira Financial Group provides a great quantity of information material, it makes sense to specifically point out the most important videos and the first steps.

1) IMPORTANT! Be sure to read the e-mail that came from GIRACOIN and confirm the registration with „Confirm Registration“ !!! Info: GIRAPAY is the „wallet“ for GIRACOINs and can be compared with the e-banking of conventional banks.

2) Look at these 4 important videos NOW! (together only 17 minutes):

3) If possible start with 50.- € and set up GIRACOIN / GIRAPAY. Higher amounts please only if your account is set up correctly.

4) Complete the data. IMPORTANT! Make „Enable TwoFactor Authentication“ later !!!

5) At GIRAPAY the tokens are IMMEDIATELY! into mining.

6) If something is unclear, then IMMEDIATELY! ask. Support or